Happy New year everyone! Like it says on their as I’m writing this there is exactly 10 hours and 49 mins to go here in England! I’m planning to stay up until midnight (maybe even past it) The Sydney fireworks just ended and I missed the one in  Aukland in Newzeland. This is gonna be the best new year so keep reading my blog for the new year! and for the last time this year…


Hi everyone! As that title up there says, this post is all about fashion! So all you fashion lovers out there keep reading and all you fashion haters keep reading as well (trust me it’s gonna be good)

Post your comments about fashion by filling out this forum and submiting it. Maybe you love fashion or maybe it makes your skin crawl whatever you think I wanna hear it!



 As you all probably already know, Little Mix won the X factor by beating Marcus Collins, now you know how X factor winners always get their single as the christmas no.1. Well this year it all changes, sorry Little Mix, but the Millitary Wives with their single ‘Wherever you are’ are certain to get the position.



Hi readers, sorry I haven’t been posting for a long time, it’s because of schoolwork and homework but now that it’s the X-mas holidays I have all the time in the world (except homework time) to blog. So read the next post to find out some stuff you probably already know but just read anyway. 

Hiya everyone! As you all probably have guessed by all the fuss on tv yesterday it was children in need night and everyone(including lots of celebritys) took part. Everyone did everything possible to raise money from baking cakes to dancing for 24 hours(wow that must be tirying) and they raised a total of…drum roll please…overly dramatic music and lights…26,332,334 pounds!!!!

To donate money to Children in Need, click on the link below:


But first say awww if you think these are cute:


Anyway back to the X factor Update now Jhonny Robinson and The Risk are out of the X factor! Can you believe it?! now Louis and Tulisa are left with only one act from each category! Now as usual I wanna know what you think whether the Risk and Jhonny should’ve gone home or not? Post your comments!

Movie Review

Now the movie is ‘Jonny English Reborn’, I’ll describe it in 3 words:

Funny, Fun and adventurous!

So thats all bye.

Hey X-factor fans here’s another update of last night’s show and keep reading to find out why Tulisa regrets suggesting Janet Devlin does an up beat song and Alexandra Burke’s “ok dot com” saying is so popular.

Firstly everyone, Kelly’s back! and Gary says “Kelly, never leave us again dot com” lol!

Next, do you guys know how the judges always keep on telling janet to do an up beat song now that she did (since it’s club classics week) the judges aren’t impressed (apart from Louis and Kelly) Tulisa said “It’s great that you did an up beat song but I think you should go back to singing ballets cause I think thats your thing”. Which I think isn’t fair especially the fact that you kept on pushing her to do an up beat song, anyway I wanna know what you think about Janet’s performance after watching this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUL7eGiSGTU

Remember lastr week Kelly wasn’t here so Alexandra Burke took her place so as usual Louis kept interupting her so she had enough and said ” ok dot com” this saying is so popular now that on the xtra factor when you guys posted your questions for Kitty Bruknell on twitter last night Alendra’s saying would be the sound Kitty would hear to say that times up for her to answer your questions!

So thats all for today’s X-factor update there will be more next time! Bye.

Hi everyone! It’s my blog’s 5 month anniversary! It’s been 5 whole months of blogging.

Oh, I almost forgot Happy late Halloween! Hope all of you got a good batch of candy from your trick or treating or maybe you didn’t go trick or treating but instead just ate all of the candy your parents bought for other kids knocking on their doors. Keep visiting and commenting because there’s loads more coming up in a new month of blogging.


Hi and this is a quick X-factor update so keep reading to find out why Rhythmix aren’t Rhythmix anymore and The Risk lose a member.

Firstly Sophie Habibus is out of the competition after the judges chose to let Misha B stay instead of her. Tell me what you think about this decision so start posting your comments using the comments box.

Next Rhythmix change their name into Little Mix after a charity with the same name came forward asking them to change it. But what do you like better, Rhythmix or Little Mix?




Now the four Risks are now the three Risks with one Nu Vibe after one of the Risks dropped out of the band(I can’t remember who, I think it was Ashley) and the other Risks asked Ashford (from Nu vibe) to join them and yes he did agree. So it’s the Risk with Ashford. Do you think Ashley did the right thing to drop out? and do you think Ashford joining the Risk is a bad thing? Post your comments in.

This is the latest comment and if you like cars than visit this blog: http://www.coolcarswithme@wordpress.com


” Happy Halloween! By the way visit my blog I made a new page called cool wall for Halloween. Find out more by going on it. I also made a review so please go on my blog today!”










Hey everyone! Halloween’s almost here and my blog is getting halloween fever(as you can tell from the spooky background). So I’ve got a special competition and here’s what it basically is you email me your pictures of you dressed in your best halloween costumes at www.fariyasblog@hotmail.co.uk then i’ll pick a winner and they will get their name on the banner of fame. So get sending!

This is the banner that you’ll get your name on and your halloween costume on:



Are you having a halloween party this year and don’t know what to do for games, food, decorations or competitions? Well you’ve come to the right place! Here are the things that you should do for:


Firstly sort out you’re party’s look it has to be really spooky so I’d suggest fake spider webs and skeletons sor your walls. Also get an A3 piece of paper and paint or draw something spooky like a vampire or a ghost and hang it up somewhere where everyone can see it. Next get some Jack-o-lanterns from the shops or get some pumkins and carve them yourself and place them on tables shelves and outside your door. Then get some baloons just to add some colour to your party. Then get a purple velvet table cloth and put it on your table to put your food on. Also get a clip board and paper and your guests have to put their names on it to be able to go to the party so the trick is get a brother, sister or someone to put on a mask. Then place the clipboard onto a table and put 2 different masks onto it then get the person who is wearing the 3rd mask and put him/her behind the table(make sure the table is just centemetres away from a wall) then make sure the person wearing the mask says ‘HURRY UP!’ really loudly every time someone comes to sign in. That will give your guests a real fright!


After all that frightening stuff your guests must get hungry well then here are some great ideas for scary food. First some creepy cupcakes buy some chocolate cupcakes and use some red food colouring to turn white icing into blood red ones so it looks really gross! Then get some black licurouce to make a spder and put it on top of your cupcake. TIP: Use the same icing trick to put on a big choclate cake for more food. Next get some strawberry jam and make some sandwitches, carve them in the shape of fangs and bats to. Also get some cherryade because it kind of looks like blood! So that was some food and drinks ideas.


For entertainment get an A3 piece of paper and draw a devil facing against the wall without his tail and then draw a long tail on another piece of paper and poke a pin through the top of it then it’s like playing pin the tail on the donkey only you are pinning the tail on the devil! So that was it!


Hi everyone!At last night’s X factor there were loads of things going on. Here are the highlights:

Tulisa “I took a pop song and turned it into rock and there was an electric guitar in their which makes it rock”

Last night Rhythmix performed a Kesher song when it was meant to be rock week not pop week. However Tulisa thinks that putting an electric guitar into a pop song makes it a rock song. Take a look at Rhythmix’s performance and tell me what you think: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXajponE9OA

Also Janet Devlin(my personal favorite) got a comment from Tulisa saying “It wasn’t really that rocky” and Gary said “It was nice to see you move around as well”. Take a look at the video below and tell me what you think:


Next Misha B was criticized by Tulisa, even after delivering an excellent performance, she said that Misha was being rude to one of her acts. Kelly and Gary said that it’s not who you are backstage it’s who you are on stage. Take a look at her performance: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LatcoQEX2Ww

Post your comments about what you think about Tulisa’s comment to Misha.

Next, here are Gary’s photos that he shared o Twitter(BTW Gary Barlow’s twitter account is called “GaryBarlowOfficial”:


Which of these ones do you like best? Tell me using the comments box.

Speaking of mugs Olly and Caroline (Xtra factor presenters) gave the other judges their very own mugs this is what the mugs said:

   = Head Ache

=Head Strong

 I forgot Kelly’s one

  • None
  • hello7778889999: Wow! Gary Barlow drinks a lot of tea/coffee.
  • hello7778889999: I saw x and xtra factor last night and he said that the head judge mug was a mug with words written on it and what I want to say is the one saying the
  • kahlua cocktails: Hey, Thanks for posting this. You have made some really interesting point in this article. I like it and I'll keep coming back. Bye!

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